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Why animals should not be in circuses 08 March 2019 The truth about animals in circuses is that they are abused and endure lives of complete misery, while some are even poached from the wild, purely for entertainment. They claim that being in zoos limits the animal's ability to satisfy its basic needs. Yet in recent years, Zoo's have been met with some controversy, with welfare . The reason why zoos should not be illegal since others think animals are not treated well but this is not true. . This article put my notions of this global institution on their head by showcasing aspects of zoos that few know about and directly confronted my assumption that the conservation and education aspects of zoos were worthwhile despite keeping animals in captivity. The modern zoo should act as a place for the preservation of endangered species, a safe house for . However, in July 2015, a dentist from U.S. shot and killed Cecil the lion. Animals aren't actors, spectacles to imprison and gawk at, or circus clowns.Yet thousands of elephants, bears, apes, and others are forced to perform silly, difficult tricks under the threat of physical punishment; carted across the country in cramped, stuffy semi-truck trailers; kept chained or caged in barren, filthy enclosures; and regularly separated from . Uniforms are too plain and ordinary. Visiting a zoo should support conservation not just in captivity, but in the wild - and it should be crystal clear. [1] Some associations are claiming that zoos should be banned . Animals get crazy and they create un natural things on their body. Zoos should be banned. Should zoos be banned? - Answers Debbie Monsey noted a sign at the zoo, it said "Don't make loud noises that bother animals.". These animals' purpose is to be slaughtered, having no chance of escape because they live in fenced-in. 7. JN. My first reason is that the zoo provides a fun day out for the family. Only a dozen individuals were left in one facility by the 1940s, but their numbers are now in the thousands today because of the conservation programs that were initiated to save . This would be even . PETA has an article on their website that states why zoos are unethical. Being rational beings, we humans must take the responsibility of protecting the Mother Nature and other living creature. Zoos should be closed - Essay Typing However, that should be the only way animals should be seen as far as entertainment purposes go. Animal trainers use bullhooks, whips, electric prods, and uncomfortable collars to force the poor creatures to do tricks. Zoos should be illegal because humans do not have the right to capture animals, tear them from their families, and jail them, even if the animal is endangered. The justification many zoos give for their existence in the 21st century is that they protect animals and conserve endangered species - but this isn't true. For many reasons, zoos should be closed. Published by James Taylor. Why Should Zoos not be Banned? Although, it's a misconception that zoos, circuses, aquariums, seem to be under control. Why We Need to Boycott Zoos in 2020! For some reason, the observation of animals in their natural habitats has captivated viewers across the globe, as each episode acts as an escape into the wild world. A type of disease that will harm animals because they have stayed in zoos for a long time. 2. . However, the animals we witnessed on those visits didn't feel the same thrill that we did. While confining animals to zoos keeps them alive, it does nothing to protect wild populations and their habitats. A tiger locked in its cage. We can all hear the loud cheering from the crowd if we see animals perform but what we can't see is how they are suffering because of the kind of life they have to live. There are 39 animal species currently listed by the IUCN as Extinct in the Wild. Therefore, zoos should not be abolished because they are beneficial not only for animals but also for humans. But zoos do more harm than good. 1. You never know if a zoo is a harmful one or a helpful one. Zoos use inhumane methods to create a supply of zoo animals. Read on to discover why nobody should ever support zoos. The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle has an annual budget that exceeds $36 million and they pay $17 million in . Here are the reasons why animal circuses should be banned for good. Tigers and lions have 18.000 times less space in zoos then they would in the wild. They say that threatened wildlife can be protected in nature. For these reasons, zoos should be shut down and banned, or stopped altogether. After the famous wildlife conservationist Geral Durrell opened a zoo in Jersey in 1959, zoos all over the world have embraced the mission of saving endangered species in the world. And you were one too! Firstly, zoo animals are kept in a very confined area compared with their vast natural habitat. Zoos can also be an economic resource for a community. At first the zoo was opened for the conducting of . Many animals are cramped and often are unable to exhibit natural behaviors as they would in their natural habitat. This is a far more luxurious lifestyle than they would have in the jungle. Leaning close to the glass as a chimpanzee or orangutan comes closer. THATS WHY ZOO'S SHOULD NOT BE BANNED. Some zoos and aquariums do rescue some animals and work to save endangered species, but most animals in zoos were either captured from the wild or bred in captivity for the purpose of public display, not species protection. Pros and cons of zoos. In 2010, a Freedom for Animals undercover investigator filmed sick animals left untreated and dead animals to rot on floors at Tweddle Farm Zoo. They should be banned because only 18% of the animals in zoos are endangered, So for those of you who say things like 'zoos shouldn't get banned because they help endangered species', What about the rest of those animals, They're not endangered. This dead wallaby was left to rot by staff at Tweddle Farm Zoo for two weeks and the zoo refused to carry out a post-mortem to establish why the animal died. Need to be Banned NOW! You are separated from your loved ones, leaving your mother in severe pain and grief. These days, many people see zoos for what they are: animal prisons. "Canned hunting" is a form of trophy hunting where wealthy hunters prey on captive-bred animals. I have several reasons to support my view: they provide a fun day out for the family, having them means that animals are kept from becoming endangered and the animals are well looked after. To Ban or not to ban? Zoos do a lot of important work to improve animal welfare. We ask if zoos should be consigned to the history books along with the bearded lady. Animals in Circuses and 15 Facts Why They Should Be Banned 1. It is illogical and discriminatory to consider banning fur sales when 95% of Americans eat meat and wear leather. These are species that would have vanished totally were it not for captive populations around the world, many of which reside in zoos (or, for plants, botanic gardens). Some naturalists claim that zoos keep animals in captivity and therefore should be banned. Zoos' claim that using animals as "ambassadors" helps with conservation efforts doesn't hold up. Animals are abused, not given enough . We get to learn about beautiful, exotic animals that most of us don't get to see often. Zoos spur demand for purchasing animals on the black market. School uniforms should be banned. I know that's not much of a stretch for a lot of us at this point, but also imagine if you had to share your house with strangers. They are a place that provides jobs, creates tourism opportunities, and can even be an economic nexus for a community. 10. "Almost 20% of public schools in America now require students to wear uniforms to school." (Rauscher) Most schools don . Animals are happy to go out and give you a great show because it is the only chance they have to be free . First, animals suffer from stress, boredom and being kept in small enclosures. They never lived in the wild, so they are not even . Zoos should be banned for eternity because; the animals have barely any space, zoos are killing innocent animals, people taunt/ abuse them. My short answer, no. . But many animals in zoos are not endangered or under threat. It is true that zoos provide education and entertainment. First, zoos breed animals inhumanely. because they are animals and they do not have the voice to speak their mind, people have the power to stand for them. Some zoo's may not treat animals wonderfully, but they may provide for the animals in a humane way. By James Draven. They were, quite possibly, in great pain. When nearly 500 animals die in less than four years in one zoo, surely it's time to reconsider this anachronistic way of showing our . Zoos do more than just provide a place for animals to reside. To begin, people taunt and abuse these poor animals. The experience of waiting, in anticipation, to see a lion or a tiger come out of its cave. It's a central nervous system depressant with psychoactive properties, and it is addictive. Yes, zoos harm animals in a wide variety of ways. Both children and adults enjoy visiting zoos because they provide an opportunity to see wild animals without having to go the jungle. Kids love zoo's you know why because they learn interesting new facts. Zoos should not be banned because they help endangered species, give people experiences of a life time and they is a hole lot more reasons and I could goon for ages but I won't. 3. b) As stated above, zoos animals have many benefits that wild animals are deprived of. How addictive alcohol is depends on the individual, their genetics and upbringing, and other social and . Here are five arguments that can be made for why alcohol should still be illegal in the United States. Zoos are not like the exotic animal menageries from the middle ages. Wild animals are killed and kidnapped to supply zoos. Proponents of animal testing say that it is possible to develop a variety of life-saving treatments for both humans and animals, they say there are no alternative methods to search for complete . That is against the law. But in Africa elephants in the wild live more than animals that are in the zoo. We, as a culture, have been growing around an exotic animal environment for centuries. Inside the zoos are different animals in makeshift habitats that have been imitated from where animals truly live in the wild. Second, they do not effectively help animals get back into the wild. But zoos do more harm than good. Zoos also contribute to scientific research. The debate between whether zoos and aquariums should banned or not has become an ongoing issue and still is today. Answer (1 of 52): Imagine if you had to spend your whole life in your house. Zoos are popular places for people of all ages to visit. The animals are very well fed and zoos make sure of it as they have listed everything out which includes, the quantity, the nutrition facts, and the diet of the animals. Some zoo cages can only be so big for each animal. A zoological garden or park refers to a facility enclosure housing animals either for viewing by the public and/or for breeding (Sheridan, pp 6). Well, we have always seen animals inside the jungle with joy and grown as a big and furious wild animal most of the time. 2. First, many animals are living in unnatural climates, for example, a flamingo living in a cold climate or polar bears living in a warm . Also, Zoos actually shorten the life span of animals, Like elephants for example. The Role of Zoos in Conservation. Why Animals Should Not Be Used for Public Entertainment. This is indisputable. Animal rights activists have always insisted that zoos should be banned. 1. Przewalski's horse is a success story for zoos because this species was believed to be extinct in the wild. Zoos are an unsuitable environment for wild animals and should, therefore, be abolished. 12041. Leaning close to the glass as a chimpanzee or orangutan comes closer. Why should zoos be banned essay? For starters, animals are not naturally found in zoos. Why zoos should not be banned. . 3. Proponents of zoos like to claim that zoos protect species from extinction, but they neglect less popular species that also need to be protected. 1682 Words 7 Pages. For this reason alone, many animal rights advocates call for the banning of zoos because of how it deprives animals from living lives in the Larger animals need more space to roam around. They were, quite possibly, in great pain. Why Zoo Should Be Banned:- Get here a post about reasons or causes related to why zoos should be banned or reasons why animals should not be kept in zoos.Yes, there are several reasons why zoos are bad. One that provides all children the opportunity to learn about the earth's amazing creatures firsthand. For me, this is the single most important role zoos can play. We've learned that dog fighting, chicken fighting, and brutally torturing animals for entertainment is unacceptable. Animals could also get zoochoisis. All the Reasons Why Zoos Should Be Banned. In India there is a zoo called Bannerghatta in the last 4 months 273 animals died. Zoos should not be banned as they play a major role in preventing the extinction of some of the species help and in the protection of the animals. We also get to hang out with friends and family, but it is not this way for the animals that stay here. Moreover, in 2009 in India, all elephants performing in circuses or living in zoos were moved to national parks and reserves. Animals are plucked from their natural habitat and taken to the zoos especially when their numbers have declined and there is a need to conserve them. At the same time, I'd like to see a much clearer link between the two. Zoos should be forbidden. Zoos are miserable places for animals. Zoos should be banned worldwide because the animals are living in an unnatural habitat, the zoos kill or sell surplus animals, and zoos are not educational. Zoos are famous places of recreation for all ages. One of the biggest reasons why zoos are bad is because there aren't any proper laws to be followed when it comes to providing these animals with protection and as far as there isn't any, zoos should be banned. Zoos are everywhere--any major city will have one and many major metropolitan areas may have more than one. My next reason is some animals are in zoos and are dying before they should, like 40% of lion cubs die before one month of age. Another reason why animal testing needs to be done is that the animals being tested, have similar organs such as the brain, lungs, heart, liver, etc. For safety reasons and the sake of the animals' health, zoos should be closed and banned. Published 8 Apr 2019, 23:59 BST, Updated 13 Sept 2021, 15:23 BST. Zoos play a critical role in the conservation of endangered species. Pros of zoos. Though zoos are seen positively when it comes to the aspect of entertainment, the fact that animals are captured and placed in captivity for the sole purpose of human amusement is one of the main reasons of the existing anti-zoo campaigns. Even though the name of the condition implies that only animals kept in zoos are prone to said illness, this is definitely not the case. Yes, zoos should be banned. Zoos Should Be Banned Imagine you are five years old, someone breaks into your home, kills your aunt and possibly your older brother in the process of kidnapping you. These are the most common arguments in favor and against zoos. Most people have fond memories of going to the zoo. Zoos Do Not Offer Sufficient Space. There are 39 animal species currently listed by the IUCN as Extinct in the Wild. Explore conservationist Damian Aspinall's opinion that zoos are "outdated and cruel.". For sure bad zoo's should be banned, but defining a bad zoo can be difficult. Animals in the zoo have the regular access to good food and they have vets on standby should they fall ill. A hangover of the Victorian sideshow or an integral part of wildlife conservation? Zoos should not be banned because they help endangered species, give people experiences of a life time and they is a hole lot more reasons and I could goon for ages but I won't. So please stay with Zoos should NOT be banned. "In 1962 a campaign to catch three of the last living Arabic Oryx served to begin a breeding project at the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona.". When nearly 500 animals die in less than four years in one zoo, surely it's time to reconsider this anachronistic way of showing our . Essay On Zoo Should Be Abolished. For many reasons, zoos should be closed. Zoos are a tradition, and a visit to a zoo is a wholesome, family . 1) They protect indangered animals from around the world. Third, they do not provide enough resources for the animals in their care. I certainly agree with this view. 3. I'm no big animal-rights campaigner, but I do trust facts delivered by experts, and the facts tell me that zoos are just a really terrible idea. Wild animals like lions, bears, tigers, leopards, and even . C2D Albatross+ Lesson 10Should zoos be banned?Watch to learn more about the issue of banning zoos.Directed by Riwon KimIllustrator: Lee-Jung JeonAnimator: Le. We've come to accept that other sentient . This is why zoos should be banned. Zoos breed animals because the presence of babies draws zoo visitors and boosts revenue. 5. The experience of waiting, in anticipation, to see a lion or a tiger come out of its cave. a) Zoo keeping is a trained profession. Secondly, breeding programmes are far less successful than zoos claim. Still, there is no country in the world where zoos are banned. These are species that would have vanished totally were it not for captive populations around the world, many of which reside in zoos. "Zoo" is short for zoological park, and zoology is the scientific study of animal biology and behavior. The most critical reasons as to why zoos should be kept open is that they can prevent extinction of certain animals. Should Zoos Be Banned? Zoos are ultimately a business that needs to make money. According to various sources, one of the main selling points as to why zoos should be banned is because of the psychological effects that being in captivity can have on an animal. Visiting the local Zoo is a treasured part of any great childhood and for most people, it is the first and only experience they will have of being up close and personal with some of the world's most beautiful and rarest animals. 5 Reasons Why Animal Circuses in the U.S. Consider the pros and cons with a video from Above the Noise. All zoos should be closed - other species have rights. Depriving animals of their natural habitat, just to entertain people is unethical. For instance, did you know that the Golden Eagle has a top speed of 241 km? Why zoos should be banned? Thirdly, zoo animals are exposed to many diseases and other dangers. But I do believe there should be changes made to ensure the safety and protection of both the animals and zoo . 9. It shouldn't be up for discussion to ban and make zoos, aquariums, and . Now imagine if those strangers were tigers! When being trapped in a cage all day, animals can't do much. "There's no evidence that seeing animals in zoos changes people's opinion", one expert said. But most North Americans do not accept this extreme view; most of us believe that humans do have a right to use animals for food . Analyze " Eight Reasons Zoos Are Good for Conservation " from conservation scientist James Borrell. Animals Used for Entertainment. I bet you did not know that. 2. Alcohol is a drug. If a lot of countries understand that circuses with animal acts should be banned, the situation with zoos is not so understood. Zoos Should be Banned. Should zoos be banned? Perspective All. Zoos are fun experiences for everyone. Here are my eight reasons why zoos are critical to conservation: 1. The way animals initially find themselves in zoos is that they are kidnaped from nature and then brought to zoos. In addition, zoos work really hard to save animals that are threatened in the wild. 1. Zoos force animals to live in unnatural habitats. balanced argument will discuss if zoos should be kept open or banned, consider the benefits to all species and debate whether the potential damage caused is too high. How Should Zoos Be Banned. All zoos should be closed - other species have rights. The zoo is a much more affordable and realistic option. Zoo's first got their appearance in London at the London Zoo in 1828. So should zoos should be banned? Of course, PETA and other "animal rights" groups that are lobbying to ban fur sales are equally opposed to any use of animals, even for food. 4. This is why zoos should be banned. We've come to accept that other sentient . We should get rid of all zoos. Because Polar bears have 1 million less space in the zoo and Elephants in the wild live more than 3 time as long as those kept in zoos. Empowering Reason . For critics, zoos are seen as places for human amusement. Alcohol Is Addictive. A caged lion. Zoos are popular places for people of all ages to visit. This article is more than 5 years old. A good zoo provides an enriched habitat in which the animals are never bored, are well cared for, and have plenty of space. Reasons Why Zoos Should Be Banned; Reasons Why Zoos Should Be Banned. Zoos should be closed. The reason why zoo's are good is because the zoo keepers protect endangered animals such as chinese Panda and the white Rhino. Zoos should be banned. Zoos prefer to capture and display young animals, but the parents stand . The lives of these beautiful wonders are no less than the value of human lives. Around 400 pandas have been bred in captivity, but only five have ever been released - and only three of those survived. It seems quite normal to us now. The good news is that many zoos are doing this already, but perhaps it slips under the radar for the casual visitor. Another reason why zoos should be banned is because most animals that are presented at the zoo were once taken from their mother at a small age.

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